Makeup has no limits…

I recently had the opportunity to “model” as a makeup artist for a promotional video for a local (and freakin amazingly talented) photographer, Zaid Hamid. When the clip is ready, I will follow up with a post. In the meantime, here are a couple pics from the photoshoot. The makeup application was very minimal, but this goes to show that makeup truly has no limits, even if it’s just skincare, blot powder, and finishing spray. I had such a great time during this shoot and it was truly an honor to work with such a strong team.  

And while I’m at it, let me share with you a preview to a blog in the works. I was the makeup artist for an exciting Refinery 29 gig and below is a sneak peak of some of my more unassuming models. These are more examples of how skincare, blot powder, skin smoothers, complexion correctors, and *maybe* a smidgen of editing can go a long way… .. 



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