Miss Maryland Teen USA, Taylor Dawson!

I am probably going to come across as the annoyingly proud big sister, because that pretty much sums up how I feel about this. Let me start out by giving you a quick history lesson: several years ago, while I was working for MAC cosmetics, I had a gorgeous client come to have her makeup done for Homecoming. Not only does she have that “OMG this is the perfect face for a makeup artist to work with” kind of face, but she was the SWEETEST girl evs and we immediately hit it off. I knew this was the beginning of an awesome relationship that is rare to have with a client! Oh, and I HAVE to mention, her mom was with her, which is usually every MUA’s nightmare, but not in this case. She was just as enjoyable to chat with and spend an hour with and I never wanted to direct her to the lip stick tower to try on some shades. (That is a great way to distract an opinionated counterpart, by the way!)

Ok- so to the point. I have been doing Taylor’s makeup ever since, and I recently did her makeup for the interview portion of the Miss Maryland Teen USA Pageant. and GUESS WHAT?

SHE WON!!!!!!!!!!!

This girl has worked HARD to graduate high school 6 months early so she can pursue her dreams of acting, modeling, dancing, and singing. She can do it all and now she gets to encourage young girls to chase their dreams. She is VERY deserving of such an awesome title and I look forward to seeing how well she does at the national competition!

PLEASE join her journey by following Taylor on Instagram and on her Facebook page! Your support will be so appreciated!

Here are some pics of her interview make up, as well as some pics of makeup I did for other events.IMG_2327.JPGIMG_2321.JPGIMG_2554.JPG



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