@SarahTorrentoPRO #ShesAlive!!!


YES! Contrary to my MAJOR lack of blog posts, zilch in over 2 years to be somewhat exact (I really am sorry!!), I am alive and kickin’ and werrrrkin hard ladies and gents!!! Not to mention, I have given birth to TWO babies and I am pregnant with my THIRD. OMG. WTF. OMG.

I come to you with a **NEW** Instagram AND Pinterest. Expect to see posts of my work, projects, and things that inspire me on the daily and keep my artistry breathing!!

Our family is experiencing some major changes, and as we adjust, I will do my best to update as much as possible. Not only do I have two years of exciting work to show you, but I have exciting events that are BOOKED, and I have AWESOME plans for our future!!!! Join me on my journey of being a mom of three, a makeup lover, a fashion addict, and an entrepreneur. I have BIG PLANS, you guyze! This is going to be freakin’ AWESOME AND I AM STOKED!!!!!!IMG_2651.JPG


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