Byrdie.Com Contribution

So, as you are aware, I have over 2 years of work to catch you up on. YES I know its pathetic BUT I am focused and driven and excited and doing my thang people. Bear with me, plllllease! BUT I am going to fast forward-to a couple weeks ago-I got an e-mail from an AWESOME chick (and fellow blogger– um, read her blog NOW!) whom I had the honor of working with on two Refinery29 gigs. I will catch you up on them ASAP, Promises!!!

ok so Alina has recently snagged an exciting job in LA and asked me to contribute So I’m all like, “Duh! I will submit within an hour.”

DONE! <—-Click!!! To top off my excitement from contributing to such a notable website, I hit the floor when I read the names of the other contributing artists!!! Spoiler Alert: I am not name dropping. Click and read for yourself. 🙂

What tips are your favorites? What are your “dont’s” when getting your makeup done?



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